Make Something Today

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I don’t care what it is. Sew. Cook. Paint. Throw pottery. Make a chalk drawing on your sidewalk.

Make a new friend.

It’s my New Day’s Resolution to make something today.

I don’t keep New Year’s Resolutions, so that’s something I don’t make. But I can generally keep New Day’s Resolutions. And if I can’t, well, there’s tomorrow.

I make dinner almost every day. I don’t consider bringing home a Papa Murphy’s Take ‘n Bake pizza making dinner, but my husband does. Your mileage may vary.

I make coffee every morning. I also make tea every night.

Today, I made this post. What did you make?

Tomorrow I will make bread. Maybe. If I don’t, I will make a knit cap, and make bread the next day. Sometimes I plan my making; other times, I don’t. I haven’t figured out yet which works better.

I also make a few mistakes every day. You might relate? But I always try to make solutions too.

I try to not think too much about what I make, as long as I make something today (every day). The things I make aren’t necessarily bad or good, they just are. (Except for that time I made a new recipe that involved fish sauce. That was pretty bad.)

At one point, I thought I had to make time to make things. But then I realized I can’t actually create time, because I’ve already got it; I just have to use it.

Yesterday, I made it to my appointment on time. Tomorrow, I will make it to bed early enough to catch up on my sleep.

I wonder, if I make the kids collect firewood from the wood shed, is it me or them that’s making the fire in the stove?

I’ve just spotted green tea coconut popsicles on Pinterest. Now I want to make those.

Sometimes I get Making Overwhelm (MO). I want to make All.The.Stuff. Then nothing gets made. So then, I make a list to kind of reign myself back in.

I enjoy Making stuff. It makes me feel like more a producer than a consumer. And I like to share what I make. I post knitting patterns. I make soap that I like to gift to friends and family. I like to make good food to feed the family.

So, go make that cup of coffee and share with me, what did you Make today?

Resolute over-thinker, introvert, eternal optimist, recovering procrastinator, unashamed nerd.

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